Women Taking Political Action Nationwide

NIFRW as recognized by the NFRW is a "DIAMOND AWARD WINNING CLUB" 

The concept of a Republican Women's club was inspired by the Republican Platform in 1872.  The Republican Women's Club of Salt Lake City was established in 1899 and is the oldest existing club today.  All American women did not have the right to vote until August 18, 1920.  This was a result of the 19th Amendment being passed by Congress on June 4, 1919.  

The Republican National Committee Chairman, Mr. John Hamilton realized the importance and need for a national coordination amongst the Republican Women's organizations. Marion E. Martin lead the organizational meeting in Chicago on November 4, 1937.  The meeting's primary focus was to coordinate efforts among the thirty-eight independent Republican women's clubs. Thus, the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) was founded in 1938 at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago, Illinois.  It is a grassroots political organization with over a hundred thousand active members in local clubs across the nation and in several U.S. territories.  The NFRW is the largest and most influential women's political organization nationwide. It is the supreme governing body that oversees the Idaho Federation of Republican Women and the North Idaho Federated Republican Women's organization.  The NFRW promotes the Republican Party principles, objectives and its policies.  The NFRW's goals are to elect Republican candidates; inform the public through political education and activity; and to increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government.

The NFRW mission and objectives are to:

  • Promote an informed public through political education and activity;
  • Increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government;
  • Facilitate cooperation among the local, state and national club organizations;
  • Foster loyalty to the Republican Party and promote its principles and candidates in all elections, including non-partisan elections; and,
  • Support Republican objectives and policies and work for the election of Republican nominees.

The NFRW focuses its efforts in the areas of educating, campaigning, fundraising, legislative action,  recruiting, and training its members to further the Republican cause.

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