Idaho Federation of Republican Women (IFRW)



 Idaho's Republican Gems Connecting Statewide

NIFRW as recognized by the IFRW is a "DIAMOND AWARD WINNING CLUB" 



Idaho Republican Women were ahead of their time when it came to voting.  In 1904, Dr. Minnie Howard of Pocatello, Idaho accompanied Mrs. J. Ellen Foster the first woman to practice law in Iowa to hold a meeting of Republican Women in Idaho.  During the meeting they elected officers and formed the first club of women voters in Idaho.  In 1913, Idaho was one of ten states that allowed women to vote prior to having the right to vote nationally.  Nez Perce County Republican Women's club is the oldest club in Idaho.  It was establashished on April 29, 1943. The Idaho Federation of Republican Women became affililiated with the National Federation of Republican Women in 1944.  The first President of the IFRW was Hazel Shook of Lewiston, Idaho.

The IFRW today encompasses eighteen Republican Women's clubs with 610 members throughout Idaho.  The IFRW is the NIFRW's immediate governing body and mentors the various clubs so that they stay in compliance with the NFRW Bylaws.

The past 2013-2014 IFRW President was Julie Chadderdon from Coeur D'Alene, Idaho located in Kootenai County.

The Immediate 2015-2016 Past President is Kitty Kunz from Boise, Idaho located in Ada County.

The current 2017-2018 President is Charlene Matheson from Sandpoint, Idaho located in Bonner County.

The IFRW meets twice a year for a Biannual Conference.  The March Red Jacket Day on the Hill meeting is held in Boise, ID while the October meeting fluctuates among various cities throughout the state.  A Republican Women's club typically hosts the October event in the city chosen. 

Set forth below are the objectives of the IFRW which the NIFRW adheres to when designing their programs.


  • provide instructional and educational speakers that are knowledgeable in their field of expertise

  • increase club membership through the promotion of individuals and media sources by participating in philanthropic causes

  • advocate club members to participate in local and state activities promoting the Republican party

  • promote clubs by being highly visible in the community

  • assist current and future candidates in their preparation of the election progression

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