Republican Women Transforming Lives


The "Caring for America" Program institutes community service projects for the NIFRW organization.  Caring for America is based on the belief that problems can be solved more effectively through the generosity and combined energies of individuals than through dependency on government programs. This program demonstrates that Republican Women are caring, compassionate, loving, and responsible members of their community, who are always willing to provide help and assistance where needed.

The North Idaho Federated Republican Women's "Caring for America Program" for 2015-2016 is to provide assistance for St. Joseph's Soup Kitchen on Fridays.  Homemade soups were provided by our members, as well as helping to make sandwiches and serving the soup.  In addition, the NIFRW Membership collects POP TOP TABS for the Ronald McDonald House program.  The tabs are given to Sacred Heart Children's Hospital to help families that would not otherwise be able to stay with their children during their hospital.

The North Idaho Federated Republican Women's official "Caring for America Program" for 2014 was the "Teddy Bears and Blankets Program".  This was a philanthropic volunteer program which assisted in providing comfort items to Bonner and Boundary counties Sheriff and Police departments.  The comfort items included Teddy Bears and Blankets of all sizes to be given to small children and teenagers who had been traumatized by abuse, injury, or a death in the family.

Teddy Bears and Blankets were given to the Bonner's Ferry Police and Boundary County Sheriff's Department's in 2014 and 2015, respectively.



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