Republican Women's Meetings - Right Time ... Right Place


Every March a gathering of Republican women from across the state of Idaho meet in Boise.  This event is called "Red Jacket Day on the Hill and Spring Board Meeting".

It takes 8 - 10 hours (w/stops) to drive to Boise -  departure is early the day before and after the meeting.  It is three nights hotel, gas, food and shared expenses pairing up with another person(s).  Another option would be to fly however, consideration of the time that the Meetings start and end is required.

The NIFRW encourages any member who has an interest in becoming part of the NIFRW Board to attend.  The IFRW training presented is invaluable as are the friendships that you establish through networking with other Republican women.  Even, if you do not wish to obtain a position on the NIFRW Board, it is still a very fulfilling experience.
IFRW Club Leadership and the IFRW members come from all over the state to share the happenings of their club's activities for the past six months.  It is a way to accumulate a wealth of knowledge to take back to your club.  The Spring Board Meeting is a time for other clubs to share what has made their club's successful.
Is it really worth going, you may ask? Well, where can you meet other Idaho Republican Women club members statewide in one location? When can you get your picture taken with the Governor or Lt Governor at the Capitol? When will you ever be recognized by your Legislators from the floor during session? When have you been invited to have lunch with your local Senator and Representatives? When have you had an opportunity to take a personal tour of the capitol? and much much more.... This truly is an incredible political and exciting experience. 
What a great way to continue our Republican women friendships!

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