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NIFRW will provide a Scholarship to a high school senior from Bonner or Boundary county when funds become available.  Guidelines for Scholarship eligibility will be provided at that time.

In lieu of a scholarship, the NIFRW initiated an Essay Contest to various Bonners Ferry High School to promote Americanism in the community.  This years winners were:  1st Place – Zach Dennis, 2nd Place – Abby Davis, and Third Place – Amy Holman.  Fifteen students participated in the essay contest.  They were awarded Certificates of Participation for their hard work.  In the future, various topics will be selected and grade level appropriate will be formulated by the Scholarship Committee. The monetary award will differ with elementary, Jr. high, and High school. The essay will plant a seed for future young Republicans in our local community.



The NFRW offers several scholarships and internships to interested registered Republican college females.  This opens the door for involvement in the political process for young women and provides educational opportunities that may not otherwise be available.. 

Applications are on the NFRW website.  Send a self-addressed stamped-envelope to NFRW headquarters, Attn: Scholarships and Internships, 124 N. Alfred St., Alexandria, VA 22314. 

In September 1995, the NFRW established the Betty Rendel Scholarship Fund honoring Past NFRW President Betty Rendel’s extraordinary leadership skills and dedication to the Republican Party. Three annual scholarships of $1,000 each are available to college undergraduate women currently majoring in political science, government or economics. The recipients chosen are from applicants across the nation. These scholarships are awarded to registered Republican women who have successfully completed two years of college and are U.S. Citizens.  

The Memorial Internship Program is named after former NFRW President Dorothy Andrews Kabis, who served from 1963-1967.  She was appointed Treasurer of the United States by President Richard Nixon.  This program offers two young women the opportunity to spend up to six weeks in our nation’s capitol working in the headquarters of the NFRW, the foremost women’s political organization. Applicants must be registered Republicans, U.S. citizens, undergraduate college students age 21 and over, and must have completed high school and be an undergraduate in college. Applicants should have a general knowledge of government with an interest in politics, including campaign experience and clerical office skills. The internship provides housing in the D.C. metropolitan area, round trip airfare, and a metro card for daily travel to and from the NFRW office. A small monetary allowance is provided. Interns must pay for meals, tourism, and all other expenses. 

The NFRW also established the National Pathfinder Scholarship Fund in 1985 in honor of First Lady Nancy Reagan. Three annual scholarships of $2,500 each are provided for financial assistance and support to young women seeking an undergraduate or master’s degree. College sophomores, juniors and seniors, and students enrolled in a Master’s Program are eligible. Applicants must be registered Republican U.S. citizens.  Applicants may only apply for one NFRW scholarship per year.

Donations to the three scholarships listed above are tax-deductible.


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