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The North Idaho Federated Republican Women commenced with 10 Republican women to charter the organization.  Thirteen Republican Women were the original members in January 2014.  As of December 2015, the NIFRW has grown to 45 NIFRW Members and 33 NIFRW Associates.  If you are a registered Republican and believe in the Republican Platform, then joining the NIFRW is for you. The NIFRW Membership invites you to attend one of their meetings or events to experience Republican Women leadership inspiring community spirit and uniting the Republican party.

Membership is the very essence of the NIFRW organization. The NIFRW goals and accomplishments depend on the dedication and energy of its members and their valuable time is truly appreciated.  The NIFRW Executive Board of Director’s attributes the incredible growth and success of the organization during its first year to its phenomenal members. The membership’s role and participation makes this club an enjoyable and a rewarding experience. Thank you NIFRW Members and Associates for putting forth your time, energy and remarkable enthusiasm in cultivating the growth of the NIFRW. 

We are the fastest growing  REPUBLICAN Women’s club in NORTH IDAHO.  



Do you want to know the REAL FACTS regarding political issues in our area?

The NIFRW Leadership strives to investigate, review, and disseminate the REAL UNBIASED FACTS on political issues to their Membership. The NIFRW Leadership believes that unsupported opinions are detrimental to making an informed decision that affects our counties.

Do you have a REAL love and passion for politics?

The NIFRW Members have a love and passion for learning about politics.  The educational aspect is critical for our members to stay up to date and to make well-informed decisions during elections. The NIFRW brings different perspectives to the traditional educational learning process. The NIFRW’s speakers are knowledgable in their topic and often entertaining.  The NIFRW members have fun when they get together no matter if they are attending a regular meeting, hosting event, or working on elections.  Incredible long-lasting friendships are established when you are involved in an organization with like-minded people.  The NIFRW members are polite and respectful to each other which provides for a wonderful political environment. Presenting a favorable image attracts positive awareness to the NIFRW and builds an enduring membership.

Do you want to MEET your local and state officials?

The NIFRW Membership includes many former and current Bonner and Boundary County local and state officials.  The NIFRW provides access to the politicians that are making decisions for our counties and state.  The NIFRW guest speakers are often local and state elected officials.  During elections, the IDAHO CONSTITUTIONAL OFFICERS visit and request the NIFRW to host their “Meet and Greets”.

Do you aspire to RUN for an elected position locally or in the state of Idaho?

The NIFRW encourages members interested in elected positions to become public policy leaders who are committed to free enterprise, limited government, strong national defense and traditional values. The NIFRW can assist you with the tools needed for running a campaign.  The NIFRW has qualified members that have orchestrated extremely successful campaigns in Bonner and Boundary counties. Becoming a member provides you with opportunities for personal development experience of what you may encounter and exposure to campaigning.  However, the NIFRW Leadership cannot endorse a person in a “PRIMARY” according the NFRW Bylaws.

Do you want to INCREASE your Leadership Skills?

The NIFRW provides many opportunities with a myriad of Volunteer positions to assist in developing or fine-tuning leadership skills.

Do you believe in SERVING in Republican philanthropic causes?

The NIFRW serves in many Republican philanthropic causes throughout the year.  There are ample opportunities to serve the less fortunate in our community.  The NFRW encourages us to adopt a philanthropic cause each year.  The cause changes based on different community needs as they are everchanging.  The NIFRW keeps the FUN in its Fundraising activities.



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