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Republican Women keeping the FUN in Fundraising!

THE NIFRW fundraising events throughout the year are vital to sustain the organizations ability to provide awards, scholarships, and Republican philanthropic efforts.

In May 2015, a huge White Elephant Trunk Yard sale was held at the VFW Hall.  The VFW assisted by providing the building and assistance from Veterans to set up and dismantle tables and chairs used at the yard sale.  These efforts were greatly appreciated and the NIFRW will be giving to the Honor Flight Program with funds raised during the sale.  Thank you VFW and the fine young gentleman from Sandpoint High School who assisted in bringing in items as needed.

Last year, the NIFRW provided the local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) with a check to purchase over 700 Telephone Cards for U. S. soldiers to contact their family members. Additional funds raised were used to purchase blankets for the “TEDDY BEARS AND BLANKETS” program.

In 2015, monies were provided to sponsor a local 4H student attending the “KNOW YOUR GOVERNMENT” program held at the Capital in Boise, Idaho. Also, several books were purchased for the Clark Fork Senior High School library.  These books were referenced from the Mamie Eisenhower Literacy and Education (MELP) program that the NFRW encourages its Republican Women’s clubs to support.  The VFW received monies to assist a local Veteran.  Sandpoint High School Honor Flight Club received funds from the White Elephant Garage Sale to send a Veteran to Washington DC. Bonners Ferry High School was Awarded funds to three Americanism Essay Contest Winners.  Other opportunities to contribute to local community needs will be identified as the NIFRW fundraising activities continue.

Stayed tuned for our next Fundraising Activity that will be held in 2017!

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