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Investing in the Political Road Ahead!


January 2014 through May 2015 CAMPAIGN HOURS Logged were: 8250.5

SENATOR SHAWN KEOUGH was recognized and awarded by the NFRW and IFRW

in 2015 as having the most Campaign Hours for the state of IDAHO!

The Campaign and Precinct Committee plays a vital role for the North Idaho Federated Republican Women, the Idaho Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women during an election.  The Campaign and Precinct Committee is the primary connection for Republican candidates in local, state and national government to voters.  The Campaign and Precinct Chair will provide information regarding Republican candidates and incumbents at local, state, and national levels of government.

The NIFRW organization leads the effort to elect Republicans.  The NIFRW will inform its members of all local, state, and national Republican candidates and incumbents.

The Campaign and Precinct Chair encourages members to actively participate in all campaign activities.  A Quarterly Campaign Hours Form should be completed by the NIFRW membership which reports all their valuable time assisting on campaign tasks.  This form will be available on line at a later date.

The NIFRW has established a “Get Out The Vote Program” via: telephone banks at home or a designated office, by sending direct mail, putting up yard signs, and mailing Flyers for candidates that won the primary.  NIFRW Members also participate in a Voter Registration Drive prior to a primary (Feb/March) and prior to a regular election in (Sept/Oct).

The NIFRW’s educational programs hope to initiate enthusiasm that will inspire women club members that have a passion for politics to run for local, county, and state offices.

Republican candidate forums will not be held by the NIFRW organization in the 2014-2015 unless approved by the NIFRW Executive Board of Directors.

The NIFRW encourages its members to attend local, state, district, or RNC Conventions and Campaign schools.

The NIFRW is fortunate to have many of our local and state elected officials as Members or Associates of the organization.


There are several valuable campaign resources listed below:

1.  Center for the American Women and Politics CAWP –

2.  Republican National Committee –



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